Talent Management

MBC promotes discovery throughout the talent management process to help take your company to the next level through assessments, executive and employee development, coaching, conflict resolution, retreat planning and facilitation, strategic facilitation and customized training.

Discovery is at the heart of MBC’s talent management - discovering influence, strengths, and opportunities among organizations, teams, and individuals through collaboration and future thinking. It is the courage to think deeply about what you want to do to improve effectiveness, achieve goals, grow, manage change and challenge through innovation.

MBC consultants facilitate discussions for developing structures, systems, processes and people within the organizations through a customized approach that is unique to the specific project.

“Our executive team was broken. We worked in silos and frankly just didn’t get along very well. We rallied for our individual departments and employees, but didn’t look at the company as a whole. We were on the verge of a take over. After our first retreat with MBC we learned a lot about ourselves and committed to improvement…skeptically. Would it be sustainable? Within six months our team collaboration increased immensely and the energy and passion for company excellence was renewed in all of us! One year later and we have never been stronger. We have difficult conversations with each other, instead of avoiding or exploding them. We make decisions that are[?] strategic for the good of the company long-term. Our financial condition is improving and we no longer fear being taken over, we are growing. MBC challenged us individually and as a team!”

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