Module 6: STAR Service: Taming the Change Monster – Surviving and Thriving through Change

Program Outline - 6 hours

Overview: In many circles, change has been reduced to the status of a four-letter word. Mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, working lean, computer conversions and new regulations, all these changes can create chaos or opportunities, or both. Too often, managers dread change, employees fear it, and customers fall victim to it. Yet change is not only inevitable, it’s necessary for an organization’s progress and growth.

How change is handled can help an organization flourish or cause its demise—understanding, embracing and managing change is crucial. This program is filled with practical tools and strategies to go beyond surviving the change process and actually thriving through it.


  • • Exploring the positive aspects of change
  • • Understanding the five stages of change
  • • Driving out the fear
  • • Managing the three levels of change
  • • Aligning the organization and the process
  • • Overcoming obstacles
  • • Learning from change
  • Audience: All Employees
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