Module 10 & 11: STAR Service: Presentation Skills (2-day)

Program Outline - 2 day

Overview: Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your presentations to get and keep attention? You will learn how to plan and prepare for more effective presentations, organize your thoughts and identify objectives. You will learn to energize yourself and others and use visual aids.

You will also learn more about your own learning styles and the syles of others in order to be a more effective communicator. Take the bore and snore out of presentations and make your sessions more interesting; involve your audience; and increase your communication.

In this program you will have an opportunity to select a topic to present in a non-threatening, supportive environment to practice what you have learned. You will walk away with new ideas to build on your strengths and enhance your delivery skills.

Agenda: (Day 1)

  • • Introductions
  • • Understanding your audience
    • Introduction to adult learning theories (visual, auditory, kinesthetic learners; left-/right-brain processing)
  • • Planning your presentation
    • What’s the point – setting objectives
    • Organizing your thoughts/ structuring your talk
  • • Making your presentations more engaging
    • Introductions/closings that engage
    • Visual aids, activities & more!
    • Avoiding death by PowerPoint
  • • Trainer’s tool kit
    • Your words, voice and non-verbals
    • Dealing with nervousness or fear
    • Preparing for success
  • • Top mistakes trainers make and how to avoid them
  • • Handling Q&A and difficult situations
  • Homework (following day 1): Prepare a 10-minute presentation to be delivered on day 2.

    Agenda: (Day 2)

  • Presentations (10 min. each)
  • Feedback (individualized)
  • Best practices summary
  • Action plan
  • NOTE: Due to the highly interactive nature of this program, and the time needed to setup, present, and give quality feedback for each participant (total of approx. 20-30 minutes each), the number of participants for this program is limited to 12.

    Individual presentations and the feedback are video-taped as a take-home tool for each participant; the recordings will not be viewed in class.

    Audience: Anyone responsible for making presentations (sales reps, project managers, team leaders, training facilitators, supervisors, managers, executives and more).

    ”I feel more confident and prepared to present at staff meetings, senior management and to my customers. The practice sessions were great and the feedback extremely helpful! “

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