Module 7: STAR Service: Managing Time and Priorities

Program Outline - 6 hours

Overview: Do you ever feel like you’re getting buried and don’t have enough time left for what’s really important? Do you find yourself lacking focus or surrounded by clutter at the office or home? Are you spending time on everyone else’s needs, meetings and priorities and not your own? Do you waste too much time looking for things? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it’s a sign that you could benefit by implementing additional time management tools and strategies.

This program will help you evaluate where you are spending your time, where you want and need to spend your time, and explore ways to better organize and prioritize your time so you can take back control of your work and life.


  • • Clarify your goals and priorities
  • • Understand where you’re spending your time
  • • Overcome procrastination
  • • Tools and strategies to plan and prioritize
  • • Improve your productivity
    • Reduce clutter and get organized
    • Tame the e-mail beast
    • Learn to say “no”
  • • Action plan
  • Audience: All Employees
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