Module 8: STAR Service: Championship Teamwork – Everyone Makes a Difference

Program Outline - 6 hours

Overview: Everyone is part of a team in some way. The question is,”how effective is your team?” How well a team works together has a direct impact on the results it can achieve. More importantly, how well various teams within an organization work together will impact the overall results of the entire organization and the service it provides to customers.

Industry leaders know that to remain competitive and achieve maximum results, they must rely on their employee teams to get the job done and achieve the company’s goals and vision for the future. Unfortunately, too often teams have untapped potential, skills, experience and knowledge that could help their companies achieve even higher levels of success. While team leadership is a critical element, it is also incumbent upon each member of the team to contribute to the best of his or her ability because everyone makes a difference!

This interactive program is filled with practical tools on the essentials of leading and participating in Championship Teamwork, and contains experiential teambuilding activities to apply the concepts.


  • • Team lessons from the jigsaw puzzle
  • • The connection between teamwork and business success
  • • Qualities of great team members
    • Choose your attitude
    • Internal service is key
  • • Individual and team accountability
    • What is accountability
    • Fostering and demonstrating accountability & ownership
    • Silo busting – achieving greater collaboration
  • • The elements of building a successful team
  • • Managing differences in a team environment
  • Audience: All Employees
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