Module 1: STAR Service: Beyond Excellence

Program Outline - 6 hours

Overview: Whether working behind the scenes or directly with customers; answering phones, selling, fulfilling requests or billing; or something in-between, service is the key to any organization’s continued success! Employees will learn the meaning and importance of quality customer service excellence, create a positive service impression and build a foundation for successful relationships.

  • • Understand the meaning of STAR Service
    • * Service * Teamwork * Attitude * Results
  • • Customer loyalty: why Quality Customer Service matters
  • • Learn how to make first impressions count
  • • Communicating positively and confidently
    • Be a good listener
    • Appropriate phrases – what you say and how you say it
  • • Telephone and voice mail tips
  • • Considering the global perspective
  • Audience: All Employees
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