Service Development

Customers today have more choices. With increased competition and greater use of technology, customers make business decisions based on the level of service they receive. MBC teaches how to consistently exceed customer expectations to maintain satisfied customers.

Whether working with internal customers or external customers, answering phones, handling problems or selling products, customer service is the key to your continued success and the continued success of your organization! Let’s face it, customers have choices. What will keep them coming back to you? Exceptional SERVICE and strong relationships! Internal and external satisfied customers will keep you in business and help to take it to the next level.

Handling difficult customer requests and demands is stressful. Learn how to effectively deal with challenging customers and communicate effectively to increase your productivity and make your job easier. This series provides participants with effective communication skills to increase confidence and ability to deal with service challenges in order to provide exceptional customer service skills to all internal and external customers.

Workshop Overview:

  • A variety of facilitation will be presented:
    • Whole group discussion (15-20 minute intervals)
    • Individual assessments
    • Exercises completed in pairs
    • Exercises completed in small groups
    • Experiential activities
    • Group seating changed to encourage different pairing, sharing ideas, etc.


    Module 1: STAR Service: Beyond Excellence
    Module 2: STAR Service: Communicating for Results
    Module 3: STAR Service: Business Writing – Productive Emails, Letters and Memos
    Module 4: STAR Service: Managing Difficult People and Situations
    Module 5: STAR Service: Solving Service Challenges – Selling Solutions
    Module 6: STAR Service: Taming the Change Monster – Surviving and Thriving through Change
    Module 7: STAR Service: Managing Time and Priorities
    Module 8: STAR Service: Championship Teamwork – Everyone Makes a Difference
    Module 9: STAR Service: Effective Meetings
    Module 10 & 11: STAR Service: Presentation Skills (2-day)
    Module 12: Leading STAR Service (for managers, supervisors and team leaders)
    Additional Services: Otter (Online Training Reinforcement) for STAR Service
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