STAR Sales: Maximizing Sales Through Service

Program Outline – 2-day

Overview: How many times have you let a customer walk away because they needed to think before buying when you thought they were a likely candidate for the product/service that you offered? Once you’ve gotten a referral, or once an interested customer asks you a question, do you know how to respond and in turn ask the right questions to fully understand their needs? Do you know how to handle their objections or how to close the sale without being pushy? It takes everyone working together for a company to be successful. Every encounter with a customer is equally important as the next.

Maximizing Sales Through Service is offered in two modules that build upon each other. Participants are encouraged to practice the skills taught in between attending modules. The building block approach aids in reinforcement and offers opportunity for participants to discuss what is working for them and what challenges they may still be experiencing.

Both modules reinforce your company’s business plan. In addition, teamwork and accountability are underlying themes throughout the sessions. Do you look forward to servicing customers or do you prefer to concentrate on the details of each transaction?

Agenda: Day 1
  • • Your company’s business strategy
  • • The consultative approach
  • • Foundation for selling skills
  • • Consultative selling dos and don’ts
  • • Reasons for sales training
  • • What customers want in a salesperson
  • • First impressions: make it count!
  • • Appropriate responses
  • • Listening skills
  • • Open probes
  • • Summary statements
  • • Empathy statements
  • • Features and benefits
  • • Knowledge

Agenda: Day 2
  • • Handling objections
  • • Why objections are important
  • • Common objections
  • • Responding to customer objections
  • • Skill practice
  • • Closing
  • • Buying signals
  • • Closing methods
  • • Practice closing the sale
  • • Dealing with hesitant customers
  • • Dealing with no
  • • Sales problem-solving
  • • Follow up techniques
  • • Referrals
  • • Maintain contact

Audience: Customer Service Representatives, Assistant Managers, and anyone else who sells in your company.

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