STAR Sales: Enriching Customer Relationships Through Service

Program Outline – 6 hours

Overview: Selling does not have to be hard sell and pushy. Customers want someone who will listen to their needs and answer their questions knowledgeably. Customers want someone who will offer suggestions without trying to sell them what they do not want or need. Customers want to know if they have a problem, they will get it resolved timely and efficiently. Customers want to be treated with respect and valued for bringing your company their business. Learn how to increase your selling skills while becoming more efficient and valuable to your company.


  • • First impressions: make it count
  • • Listen effectively
  • • Ask the right questions: probe for results
  • • Provide for the needs of customer: features and benefits
  • • Telephone tips
  • • Handling resistance
  • • Making the referral
  • Audience: Front-line sales people

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