Additional Services: Otter (Online Training Reinforcement) for STAR Sales

As most of us know, to be effective employee training must be approached as a process vs. an event. We all learn differently, but one thing is universal: to internalize learning and have it become part of our daily practices, we need repetition and reinforcement. That’s why many people can quote popular marketing slogans and know the words to the theme songs of old TV sitcoms, yet can’t recall many of the facts once learned in school. One key difference is reinforcement.

Even as adults in the workplace, we need reinforcement to learn and internalize new information. Unfortunately, a lot can get lost between annual training and employee development initiatives, which is why we’ve developed Online Training Reinforcement (OTR). Affectionately nick-named “Otter,” OTR supplements and reinforces the learning objectives from the original classroom training attended by employees.

Each Otter module is accessed via the Internet and takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on equipment and connection speeds. Otter begins with a review to refresh and reinforce the major skill points from the previous classroom training session. After the review, the employee is asked to complete the review questions.

Otter is convenient and affordable and is available as a standard offering for a variety of core curriculum training topics. Otter modules may also be developed and customized for client-specific topics (e.g. product knowledge, internal procedures, employee orientation, etc.).

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