Sales Development

Expand customer relationships to maintain and build your market share. MBC teaches proven techniques to development business and maintain lasting relationships that will grow your business and serve as your best referrals.

Sell, sell, sell... one job responsibility among many others! It’s getting harder and harder to maintain current customer bases and obtain new customers with increased competition offering similar products and services.

Relationship selling can help you keep your current customers and turn your prospects into customers! Learn how to maximize your sales potential through simple, yet extremely effective steps. No hard sell, pushy tactics taught here. Relationship selling teaches you how effectively cross-sell to existing customers and how to prepare for and conduct a dynamic and productive sales call, how to handle objections and how to close the sale to reach a win-win agreement.

Financial Institutions: A sub-set of MBC’s Strategic Performance Consultants have worked in financial institutions in positions ranging from teller, customer service representative, branch management, lending, operations vice president, human resources, teller trainer and corporate training director. MBC’s Strategic Performance Consultants have experience working in and with small community banks, mid sized banks and very large banks. Consultants are familiar with the highly competitive, fast paced challenges bankers face today and relate well to all levels of employees from the front line staff to the top executives.

Through research and our commitment to working cross industries we have uncovered the secrets to higher profits, greater employee retention and more satisfied customers through employee development. Today’s bank must be innovative and resourceful to remain independent and strong. Learn how MBC can help your bank today develop, grow and sustain maximum success in today’s highly competitive global financial environment.

Workshop Overview:

  • A variety of facilitation will be presented:
    • Whole group discussion (15-20 min intervals)
    • Individual assessments
    • Exercises completed in pairs
    • Exercises completed in small groups
    • Experiential activities
    • Group seating changed to encourage different pairing, sharing ideas, etc.

    STAR Sales Curriculum

  • STAR Business Development Series:
    • Module 1: Organizing, Planning & Preparing for Meetings and Coaching Skills
    • Module 2: Setting Action Strategies & Practice Meeting Assignments
    • Module 3: Prospecting: You and Your Best Sales Approach
    • Module 4: Building Rapport, Discovering Needs
    • Module 5: Overcoming Objections and Resolving Issues, Closing the Sale
  • STAR Sales: Enriching Customer Relationships Through Service
  • STAR Sales: Maximizing Sales Through Service
  • Leading STAR Sales (for managers, supervisors and team leaders)
  • Additional Services: Otter (Online Training Reinforcement) for STAR Sales
  • Modules can be customized to fit your training goals and objectives and scheduling needs, in half-day or full-day format.

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