Work Life Balance - Juggling Your 2nd Shift

Program Outline – 6 hours

Do you ever feel that there are just not enough hours in the day? When you arrive home from work are you faced with dinner preparations, laundry, shopping, taxi service, ball games, dance recitals, parent meetings, volunteer activities, cleaning, homework, yard work, pet care, elder care…Yikes!

More and more people are feeling stressed and burned out over the demands from work and non-work life. Learn how to organize, say no, prioritize and enjoy each day through balancing the pressures and commitments in your life.

What Will Be Covered:

  • • What is stress: causes and effects
  • • Balancing work, life and self needs
  • • Case studies
  • • Plan, prioritize and organize
  • • Life tips for busy people:
    • Increase efficiency at home
    • Learn to delegate and say no
    • Tips for busy people

    Audience: All Employees

    …I can not wait to begin implementing some of these tips…It makes sense and the ideas are practical…My life is crazy. If I had this before now, I would be in more control …
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