Strategic Leadership

Overview: Strategic Leadership means taking responsibility for the future, as well as for what is happening today. Influential Leadership is the ability to incite action in others: your boss(es), your peers and your employees. In today’s fast-paced world, leadership is only effective if you have the ability to persuade others to follow you and/or carry out your ideas.

Strategic Leadership Academy (SLA) I: Influential Leadership
  • Module 1: Optimize Productivity Through Self Awareness and Discovery
  • Module 2: Increase Your Strategic Position (Becoming a Strategic Business Partner)
  • Module 3: Become an Internal Coach and Consultant | Individual coaching session with instructor.
  • Module 4: Close the Gap: Become a Change Master and Project Presentations

  • SLA II:
  • Module 5: Lead Strategically Through Vision and Alignment
  • Module 6: Lead for the Future Through Execution

  • Audience: High Potential Senior Leaders – Senior Leaders

  • Timeframe: 4-6 full days

  • Modules can be customized to fit your training goals and objectives and scheduling needs, in half-day or full-day format.

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