Motivating, Retaining and Engaging Employees

Practical Skills for Today
Program Outline - 6 hours

Employee retention and motivation is a key issue in today’s highly competitive market. This course enables managers to quickly identify the types of motivational and empowerment strategies that work best for each employee. You will learn how to develop greater trust, cooperation, understanding and acceptance with employees. You will also discover the different goals and drives of employees and apply the knowledge to motivation, communication, team building, conflict reduction and maximizing employee performance.

What Will Be Covered

  • • Motivational Factors
  • • Building Trust
  • • Understanding Different Styles
  • • Steps to Successful Performance
  • • Getting to Know Your Employees
  • • Building Commitment
  • • Putting It In Action – Action Plan

  • Audience: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

    “Wow! I learned a lot of great things to do at work that won’t take me huge amounts of time. Thanks for a great workshop!”

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