Managing Problem Employees - Positive Progressive, Accountability and Discipline

Program Outline – 6 hours

Individual employee performance counts more today than ever before. In today’s competitive market and dynamic work environment, it’s critical for supervisors to work with employees to maximize performance for positive outcomes through coaching, development, accountability and discipline. Learn how to move your employee work teams to greater success and results with positive, progressive discipline.

What Will Be Covered

  • • Expectations of you as a manager
    • The impact of what you say, do, reward and allow
  • • Steps to Successful Performance
    • Setting the target, follow-up & accountability, coaching feedback, appropriate consequences
  • • The up-side to discipline
  • • Steps to progressive discipline (where coaching ends and discipline begins)
    • Verbal warning (documented), written warning, suspension, termination
    • Performance improvement plan and last-chance notice
    • Crucial conversations – coaching and discipline
    • • Coaching and the 2-minute discussion
    • • Documentation – sample write-ups and performance improvement plans
    • • Discipline discussions – cases and practice
  • • Action plan/conclusion

  • Audience: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

    “I used to dread dealing with problem employees and often procrastinated doing it, making things worse. I now have a framework and I am more confident. My team appreciates it when I deal with issues and it has helped all of us work better together!”

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