Leadership: Optimizing Performance

Practical Leadership Skills for Today
Program Outline – 6 hours

Motivating yourself and your team to do your best is always important. In today’s market, it’s becoming the norm that business needs are more demanding, margins are being squeezed, stress levels are rising, and performance is suffering. It is increasingly more difficult and also important to keep your team focused and foster productivity, morale, and engagement.

Your team may also need new skills and tools to cope with the challenges and stress levels related to dealing with personal problems, fast-paced change, co-worker conflict, doing more with less, and difficult customers, among others.

This high-energy customized program re-visits some of the time-tested skills of high-performing leaders and top organizations, and reframes them within the context of today’s current challenges. You will have an opportunity to create a roadmap for your own organization and share best practices and new ideas with others.

What Will Be Covered:

  • • Strategies for Leading, Motivating and Engaging Employees
    • Steps to Successful Performance
  • • Coaching for Improvement
  • • Building Trust and Commitment
  • • Embracing and Mastering Change
  • • Case Studies and Best Practice Application
  • • Developing Your Action Plan

  • Audience: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

    ”…I needed this seminar, today was a boost for me. I am so busy that I don’t stop and ask myself if I am doing the RIGHT things. I realize from today that I can do so much more to help me and my team be more productive. Great tips!”

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