Leadership Academy I

Improving the quality of supervision is essential because of the immediate impact on employee productivity. The Leadership Academy is designed to be offered over a period of months in order to build on skills taught, and maximize reinforcement. Participants are requested to involve their employees in assignments and participate openly with current and relevant issues.

Overview: The Leadership Academy will assist supervisors in building and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships with their employees through communication and motivation; learning to set reasonable and consistent authority lines to create a productive work environment; delegating and coaching skills; developing self-management skills including goal setting, prioritizing and decision making; and improving human relations skills.

Higher level managers or former Leadership Academy graduates will serve as mentors for their direct reports attending The Leadership Academy. Committed to meeting with their direct reports after each session to discuss practical department and individual application will increase reinforcement, accountability and add value.

  • • Supervisor and Employee Relationships
  • • Interpersonal Skills and Communicating Effectively
  • • Presentation Skills and Effective Meetings
  • • Productive Work Climates
  • • Coaching and Giving Feedback
  • • Staffing and Interviewing
  • • Delegating and Training
  • • Setting Goals and Evaluating
  • • Managing Yourself (Time and Stress Management; Decision-making)
  • • Business Writing
  • • Project Management
  • • Building Teams
  • • Choices and Challenges to Leadership
  • • Leading into Tomorrow
    • Individual Presentations
    • Homework Assignments to Reinforce Accountability
    • Strategic Group Project Directly Linked to Organizational ROI

  • Audience: Next level leaders below Executive Senior Leaders, cascading to front-line supervisors.
  • Timeframe: 11 full-days: 1-day orientation; 9 full-day training sessions; and 11th day scheduled 6-9 months after the last session.
  • Investment: 11 full-days, to include an orientation, plus participant materials and travel expenses.
  • Participant materials include:
    • o Pre- and Post-Test
    • o Textbook/Exercise Book/Three-ring Binder with supplemental handout materials
    • o On-line Communication Styles Profile/Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals book
    • o Certificate and Plaque

    Leadership Academy II

    We will review tangible steps at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes by creating a vision, building alignment around that vision and championing execution of the vision. Work of Leaders focuses on understanding how your DiSC tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations. We will focus on the one-to-many relationship as opposed to the one-to-one relationship emphasized when using DiSC.

  • • ‘Work of Leaders’ individual strategic leadership assessment

  • Vision:
  • 1. Exploration
    • Remaining Open
    • Prioritizing the Big Picture
  • 2. Boldness
    • Being Adventurous
    • Speaking Out
  • 3. Testing Assumptions
    • Seeking Counsel
    • Exploring Implications
  • 1. Clarify
    • Explaining Rationale
    • Structuring Messages
  • 2. Dialogue
    • Exchanging Perspectives
    • Being Receptive
  • 3. Inspiration
    • Being Expressive
    • Being Encouraging
  • • What is your department’s future? Develop and communicate a powerful vision.
  • • Align goals to company, department and individual success
  • Execution:
  • 1. Momentum
    • Being Driven
    • Initiating Action
  • 2. Structure
    • Providing a Plan
    • Analyzing in Depth
    3. Feedback
    • Addressing Problems
    • Offering Praise
  • • Integrate key lessons and personal insights
  • • Design a personal strategic plan for effectiveness

  • Audience: Past LA I participants
    Timeframe: 3-days

    Leadership Academy III 360’s

    Measure and reinforce leadership skills taught in LAI and LA II through a 360 leadership assessment.

    Project Overview: 360 Multi-rater Feedback Survey Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders
    Assesses Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership
  • 1. Commanding
  • 2. Pioneering
  • 3. Energizing
  • 4. Affirming
  • 5. Inclusive
  • 6. Humble
  • 7. Deliberate
  • 8. Resolute

  • Phase 1: Online 360 Survey Administration
    Phase 2: Individual Feedback Interviews

  • Services Provided:
    • Administration
    • Reporting
    • Initial Coaching
    • Follow-up Coaching
    • Development
    Audience: Past LA Participants
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