Goal Setting - Maximizing Performance

Program Outline – 6 hours

Goals provide a sense of purpose and direction as well as a reason to reach meaningful results. In this seminar you will define goals and set measurable objectives to achieve them, whether the goal is one that you have set for yourself or one that is assigned to you. Learn how to overcome your obstacles that may otherwise stand in your way of maximizing your personal success.


  • • Introduction
  • • Goals vs. Objectives
  • • Learn to Write Goals
    • Q.Q.T. Goals
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • • Plan for Success
  • • Communicate Goals Effectively
  • • Prioritize to Reach Your Goals
  • • Summary/Action Plan
  • • Evaluations

  • Audience: All Employees

    ”…I have written objectives in place of goals. Well written goals are objective and will keep me and my employees moving in the same direction. I cannot wait to implement SMART goals!”

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