Executive Strategic Leadership Development

A. Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy provides a unique opportunity for senior leaders to develop executive leadership skills and reinforce the leadership skills of your direct reports attending The Leadership Academy. You will be provided with a high-level overview of what your direct reports will review in their Leadership Academy. Your dual role as coach and mentor will help them align the skills learned to specific company situations and personal development.

To effectively lead your organization to the next level, executive leaders need to cohesively strategize, develop, implement and review how to work smarter, not just harder. How teams work together has a direct impact on the results they will achieve. More importantly, how well various teams within the organization work together and how the executive management leads will impact the overall results of the entire organization. Our goal in the Executive Leadership Academy is to build on strengths as individual senior leaders and as a team to take your company to the next level of leadership. We will explore current strengths and challenges and discuss the short-term and long-term implications and risks.

  • • Maximize employee performance
  • • Leadership Academy highlights (2-4 days)
  • • Create a strategic climate
  • • Lead strategically through vision and alignment
  • • Lead for the future through execution

  • Audience: Executive Senior Leaders

  • Timeframe: 4-8 full days; specific number of days are selected and designed to meet organizational goals and objectives.

  • Modules can be customized to fit your training goals and objectives and scheduling needs, in half-day or full-day format.

    B. LAIII – 360 Assessment Option
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