Effective Performance Appraisals: Written to Motivate

Program Outline - 6 Hours

Learn how to improve employee performance and productivity through establishing effective performance appraisal techniques throughout the year. Appraising performance is more than just a single event, but begins with setting specific and measurable goals, coaching year round to encourage employee success, documenting performance (good and bad), and writing the appraisal without bias. Performance appraisals are an increasingly important tool for motivating employees and inspiring quality work. This seminar will focus on encouraging positive relationships and improving employee productivity. You will also learn how to reduce the time spent in preparing meaningful and productive employee appraisals.

Participants are asked to bring in a completed appraisal for self-evaluation and re-write. Program content will be customized to use company-specific forms.

What Will Be Covered

  • • How to Prepare for More Effective Appraisals
  • • Goal Writing Exercise
  • • Criteria for Effective Goals: SMART/QQT | Common Errors In Setting Goals
  • • Coaching Skills
  • • Encouragement Feedback
  • • Developmental Feedback
  • • Documentation
  • • Avoiding Performance Appraisal Bias
  • • Preparing the Appraisal Form
  • • Conducting the Appraisal - Practice
  • • The Angry/Marginal/Outstanding Performer
  • • Getting Your Employees to Talk Freely

  • Audience: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

    “…The participatory approach taught is terrific! I would love it if my manager engaged me and sought my ideas as was taught in this workshop.”

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