Conflict Management and Prevention

Program Outline – 6 hours

Working together for continued success! Teams come in many shapes, sizes, personalities and work behaviors. You will learn why you do the things you do, why your coworkers, bosses and employees act the way they do. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with others, work together to reach common goals more efficiently and effectively.

Avoid costly and time-consuming problems and conflicts by learning how to prevent and manage conflict and work more cohesively as a team. Learn how to give AND receive criticism to work towards improved relationships. Conflict can be stressful and unproductive or conflict can be constructive helping you move towards better decisions. You choose. Learn how to manage conflict constructively.

What Will Be Covered:
  • • Communicating Effectively
    • o Styles of Behavior: On-line DiSC Workplace Profile
    • o Increase Your People Skills
    • o Strategies for Creating and Building Positive Relationships
    • o Communicating More Effectively
    • o Managing Differences in a Team Environment
  • • The Connection Between Teamwork and Business Success
  • • Feedback Skills: Encouragement Feedback and Developmental Feedback
  • • Practice
  • • Handling Criticism—Giving and Receiving
  • • Maintaining Positive Attitudes
  • • Putting It in Action – Action Plan

  • Audience: All Employees

    “...I have always avoided conflict; now I deal with the unavoidable before it explodes…The profile helped me understand why I have problems with certain people and more importantly how I can be proactive in handling them…This was an excellent seminar. One that should be mandatory for everyone who works with anyone! ”

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