Communication: Understand and Be Understood

Program Outline: 6 hours

The best organizations are those that have strong leadership. True leaders are those who communicate clearly and effectively with all people in a variety of situations.

This highly interactive session helps participants explore the dimensions of effective communication. This program will provide you with a strong foundation of tools and skills to help you understand yourself and your team and how to work more effectively to increase morale, motivation and productivity.

What Will Be Covered:
  • • Communicating Effectively
    • o Styles of Behavior: On-line DiSC Workplace Profile
    • o Increase Your People Skills
    • o Strategies for Creating and Building Positive Relationships
      • o Communicating More Effectively
      • o Meeting Effectiveness
      • o Resolving Conflict
  • • What People Want From a Leader and a Professional: Communicating for Success
  • • Action Plan and Follow Up

  • “Great information! I learned so much about myself and how to better approach others in this workshop. I understand now why I have trouble working with some people. This was terrific!”

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