Business Communication - Writing for Results

Program Outline – 6 hours

Written communication is a reflection of your professionalism. Practical and simple guidelines are taught that will increase efficiency and polish e-mails and formal proposals. You will gain confidence in your ability to write with greater clarity and correctness.

Participants provide MBC’s consultant with a sample letter, memo and e-mail prior to class for review and the MBC consultant will offer feedback. Participants practice writing and complete exercises in this workshop.

What Will Be Covered:
  • • How to get started
  • • Make your ideas flow logically
  • • Writing clearly and concisely – samples
  • • Proper formatting
  • • Organizing ideas: planning, tone, reader
  • • Drafting the correspondence: opening, closing, body revising and polishing the final draft
  • • Simple words, clarity, active voice
  • • Grammar, spelling and punctuation review
  • • Practice
  • • Individual assistance offered

  • Audience: All Employees

    “...This is a great review!…I have always had trouble getting my point across, but now it is easier and I am more efficient…I can’t believe how awful my e-mails were before I took this course. It is embarrassing. I am so glad that I took this class!”

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