Assessments provide a great starting point to determine strengths and opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations. MBC uses a variety of assessments, 360’s, communication tools, employee opinion surveys, etc. to capture your goals.

We offer a comprehensive offering of assessments that help your company gain a competitive advantage for developing employees. We use reliable and valid assessments developed specifically for business use to include, but not limited to 360 leadership surveys and assessments for understanding the personal behavioral styles of you and your employees. Assessments provide powerful information for professional and personal growth.

Why use assessments?

• Target developmental needs
• Align talent with business needs
• Improve leadership skills
• Reduce workplace conflict
• Improve sales performance
• Improve communication
• Build stronger teams

Past recipients of MBC’s 360 Leadership Assessment…

“Wow! MBC’s 360 Leadership Assessment provided us with great information, as individual leaders and for our company! Many of us thought this was another event that we just needed to go through the motions to support. The feedback was hard for some of us to swallow, to acknowledge our opportunities, but it was a really effective tool! Two years later, what a difference! People are really leading their departments, employees are more involved and as a company we have grown by 25%! MBC did an outstanding job keeping us on track.”

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