MBC’s team consists of strategic thinkers who engage individuals and groups to achieve peak performance. Shelley Riebel, founder and President, Kathleen Wheelihan, Rosemary Riley-Mondro, Steve Riebel, Cindy A. Jeanguenat, Melissa Martin and a team of strategic partners in specialized fields offer clients incredible experience and credentials.

Additional MBC Strategic Performance Consultants bios are available upon request. In addition MBC has access to a substantial outreach of specialists who serve as MBC strategic partners to support specific client initiatives.

Meet the MBC Team:

Shelley Riebel

Shelley Riebel,
MBC President utilizes over 20 years of training and leadership experience combined with her industry knowledge to create successful training opportunities that produce performance results! As a strategic performance consultant she helps organizations transition through change, develop leaders and achieve sustainable success. She develops training plans aligning to organizational strategic goals. Shelley teaches from experience and knowledge of what really works! Combining knowledge and vivacity makes Shelley a motivating and inspiring speaker. Audiences describe Shelley’s presentations as enthusiastic, creative, motivational and practical.

Work experience: Includes corporate experience in leadership, sales and service and director of training organizational development for a 10,000 employee organization.
Facilitation style: High-energy, motivational and engaging.
Favorites: Outside; biking, horseback riding, camping, and gardening.
What do you rock at: Killer salsa!

Kathleen Wheelihan

Kathleen Wheelihan,
MBC Strategic Performance Consultant, brings enthusiasm, an energetic speaking style, and a concern for clients to her work. Her unique combination of over 25 years of business background, education, and theatrical experience helps make her programs “info-taining” and filled with practical tools. Some of Kathleen’s most recent work has been focused on developing leadership skills, effective communication and positive accountability at all levels to increase results and improve how employees and organizations adapt to change.

Work experience: Over 15 years of corporate experience in leadership, training, marketing, human resources, operations, sales and service, accounting and special projects (including facilities, technology and mergers).
Facilitation style: High-energy, motivational and interactive.
Favorites: Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, mystery novels, blues music and chocolate!
What do you rock at: Party and event planning.

Rosemary Riley-Mondro

Rosemary Riley-Mondro,
MBC Strategic Performance Consultant’s exceptional presentation style coupled with more than 20 years of management, selling and training experience makes her a dynamic and much sought after speaker. During her professional career she has worked in education and in the financial industry in various capacities. Rosemary has addressed subjects ranging from effective selling techniques to the leadership skills and strategies required to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Rosemary’s presentation style involves all participants and makes everyone feel comfortable and is non-threatening. Participants enjoy her warmth, thoroughness and humor.

Work experience: Includes corporate experience in leadership, training and education.
Facilitation style: Interactive and thought provoking.
Favorites: Passionate about working to open career and educational opportunities for all people.
What do you rock at: Educational advocate for disabled students.

Steve Riebel

Steve Riebel,
MBC Strategic Performance Consultant’s no nonsense approach to today’s work challenges appeal to audiences. As a retired police captain, Steve shares his experiences through captivating stories. Steve serves as an MBC advisor and consultant in areas of labor relations, risk management, leadership and emergency preparedness. Steve’s higher education in criminal justice and management plus work experience in operations and administration, management, investigations, surveillance, union negotiations, emergency management, homeland security and employee selection and discipline make him a well sought after speaker. He shares real life stories and speaks with passion about consequences and opportunities. From leadership to workplace violence to on – site security analysis Steve has a broad range of experience to compliment the MBC team.

Work experience: Government experience in public service and executive leadership.
Facilitation style: Humorous, no nonsense approach, wit and story telling.
Favorites: “I like to travel and sample food from local eateries. I wish I had Guy Fieri’s job!”
What do you rock at: 110# halibut landed in the gulf of Alaska! Awesome!”

Cindy A. Jeanguenat

Cindy A. Jeanguenat’s ,
25 years of experience offers participants tips and strategies of what really works in today’s highly competitive and face paced world. Cindy engages participants through a variety of activities that make working with her interesting, fast paced and fun. Cindy involves participants in a way that allows for self-reflection and practice to ensure sustainable results.

Cindy has worked with a variety of industries to include education, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profit and retail. She has been in business for herself and worked for an international company offering her vast insight to business at all levels. Audiences appreciate her experience and alignment to challenges today.

Cindy easily connects with her audiences in a participatory, experiential and engaging style that is energetic and fun. Cindy easily adapts to her audience and shifts her approach to include and engage all participants.

Work experience: As a former department leader Cindy has led change initiatives, expanded teams and increased growth. With over 15 years of corporate experience she has also held roles in training, sales and customer service maximizing personal and team effectiveness.
Facilitation style: High-energy, engaging and fun.
Favorites: Reading, (John Maxwell is a favorite,) anything to do with fitness and exercise.
What do you rock at: Not sweating the small stuff – and realizing that most of it is small stuff!

Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin,
Melissa Martin, MBC Special Projects Consultant offers experience in education and curriculum development making her a valuable team member. Melissa heads MBC’s research, development and continuous improvement. With over 15 years of experience Melissa works to keep MBC current with cutting edge diagnostics, trends, assessments and curriculum.

Work experience: Over 15 years teaching and curriculum development.
Facilitation style: Intuitive, participatory and hands on approach.
Favorites: Time with family, reading, crafting and traveling.
What do you rock at: “Developing curriculum to keep all generations engaged and interested.”

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